Saksa Fuels - Wholesale



SAKSA offers the main types of liquid fuels at its oil bases. The shipment of fuels by the client's transport is carried out under a simplified administrative procedure. The execution of the orders, when the fuels are transported by the company SAKSA, takes place within 48 hours from the receipt of the request. The company offers flexible pricing in accordance with consumption and payment terms.

Fuel prices - FCA depots

Price in BGN for FCA depots valid from 02.09.2022 г.
Product Price m3 Density Price MT

Note: The wholesale selling price is formed by adding to the base price the transport costs to the customer's warehouse and deducting the agreed discounts for purchased quantities.

Gasoline RON95 1547.00 0.755 2049.01
Diesel 10ppm - E5 1985.00 0.845 2349.11

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